Color Changing Lightsaber

This is my color changing lightsaber made with MHS parts from The Custom Saber Shop, and the guts out of a tactical flashlight. It uses an RGB LED, and with the push of a button, I can cycle through ten different colors. It’s not as bright as a Luxeon LED, but it’s pretty cool to be able to change the colors. I’m going to experiment with optics and power options, and see if I can get it any brighter. One thing that I forgot to mention in the video is that when I turn it off and on, it starts at white again. It would be nice to be able to set a color and leave it, but I can’t. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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25 comments to Color Changing Lightsaber

  • ara9876

    lol XD obi darth

  • adonian

    THX, found 3watt luxeon rgb, gonna try one later, just got 2 ultrasabers and found how easy they are make, went to homedepot and got parts to make my own, will post vid soon (I hope)

  • bigbaldman71

    The PVC plastic ones? Yeah, those are really easy to make. I’ve done six of them, including a double bladed one. It’s a cheap way to get into saber building. Maybe I should do a video tutorial.

  • adonian

    that would be a cool gesture. Would help noob’s to make them. I just got some PVC and cutters & paint’s, just need wires, led’s batterypacks and blades… you know where to get the blades?

  • bigbaldman71

    The 1″ thin wall blades from The Custom Saber Shop are good blades. They look even better if you roll up some cellophane gift wrap inside of them. I’ve been thinking of doing a blade film tutorial as well. I’d better get busy…

  • adonian

    got a web address 4 custom saber shop?
    Made my first hilt, looks nice, just need led, on off button power and blade.

  • bigbaldman71

    I can’t put a link in here, but just type:

    w w w. the custom saber shop. com

    with no spaces.

    If that fails, just google the name.

  • adonian

    found it, ordered led kit and blade, hope to put a vid on my saber soon.

  • Jasonkillz

    how much would it cost for you to build me one??
    I will pay to get one like it!!!

  • greytale

    Thanks for making this an RGB response to my vid challenge, Obi Dar!

    I realize you did this a long time ago, but… MAN… with all the vids coming up–it’s really great (and overwhelming too). THANKS!

  • Ginissi

    what exact flashlight did you use? i would love to make one of these.

  • Kobra1029

    I also wish to know what kind of flashlight it is cause that thing is AWESOME

  • PetrePann

    hey your name lies you’re not bald.
    on other things, this is SO awesome, it’s very helpful that you tell where you got the parts.

  • SuperJawn

    so say i bought a seperating darthmaul replica lightsaber. wud i be able to do that to them as well or wud it have to be the same as urs?

  • ExplicLyrics15

    hum prety good saber but the flickering idk maby get a offical star wars saber that changes color rip out driver put it in the 1 u got now but keep the led i lilke the colors nice and bright but i dont know if it will still flicker maby get a more dense blade idk just trying to help

  • avatarking425

    pretty fly for a jedi HA HA

  • brandon9271

    I wonder if perhaps a capacitor in line with the LED would get rid of the flicker? may have to be a big one though.. :-?

  • ww2starwarsjunky

    was that originally a color changing lightsaber

  • kanetpol31

    why no sound?

  • Kejoin95

    can i have one? how much do you want?

  • tak948

    can you make me one of those like that

  • jacktenen

    could i buy that color change light on ebay?
    what kind is it?

  • eid444

    If only they added a sound feature. like the humming, clash. Im trying to get a custom Darth Maul 1. And I think instead of getting a red Led Ill just get a colour changer Led with all colours like yellow. But is it just as bright as normal Leds? I would want the blade to be on the same colour as I left on. If thats possible, Iv seen the Anakin plastic toy lightsaber colour changer doing it so why not a Led. And are the hilts stronger than my Mr Master replica Fx chips the colour and metal off.

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