Anakin Skywalker AOTC FX Lightsaber Review

This is a review of the Anakin Skywalker FX Lightsaber from Episode 2: AOTC. Made by Master Replicas. Enjoy. Please rate and subscribe. Also, if you like Rock music, check out my band ‘DecemberFlood’ on myspace! (I play the drums) Cheers.

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25 comments to Anakin Skywalker AOTC FX Lightsaber Review

  • IamYasonBourne

    Was the one you purchased new? I’d really like a new one, but I’m debating about whether to get a used just cause these are so rare now. But thanks for the advice, appreciate it, great vid too! Any Independent stores you know of by chance?

  • IamYasonBourne

    Hey thanks for all your vids, really good job, I finally found one of the AOTC sabers, its awesome.

  • moneylbc213

    i have this very amazing lightsaber only cons is it feels like its going to break it wonk but i love it wouldnt trade it for a million dollars well maybe;)

  • raiders2000

    the rarest?

  • oricalcross

    any one know where i can get plain hilts without the blades message me with ansers please

  • SabianBlack

    There are ‘limited edition (LE)’ sabers which are also collectibles, but they do not light up or make sounds. If you get an ‘ultra saber fx’ you can remove the blade!

  • oricalcross

    yer thats what im looking for just a plain anakin ROTS hilt with no sounds or blade for a prop for the lightsaber fan film that me and my m8s are making

  • misterwheely

    OMG I CANT BELIEVE THERE SO RARE NOW before when aotc came out there wuz millions of em o.O

  • Verithiell

    Well no that is one of the rarest fx replica from what I know. It is 1st fx replica ever made by MR and this model is no longer produced. Where did You get it from?

  • stickenator

    oh mann, i am thinkin bout gettin a hasbro one, they are just as good, and i know how awesome they are, but i dont know if i wanna spend all my savings on it. any advice ppl?

  • nick16237

    yea dude get one…they r wicked sick..but make sure u wanna spend the money on it

  • crazymotoxboy

    dude where did you get this lightsaber at??? like where did you buy this cause I’m thinking about getting this one or qui gons or obi wans from the phantom menace or attack of the clones!

  • sixarmspiderman

    This year (rumored) but most likely true, there going to release the new force fx with removable blades. I think Mace Windu will be one of them. I hope thay do
    a Luke ESB since it will be the 30th anniversary of ESB

  • iCedarPoint08

    i think this is the very first lightsaber ever made, thats why its the rarest.

  • deadbeatful

    What is that little black circle thing on the end of the hilt where the rubber grip is? mine is loose and spins around do you know how to tighten it.

  • anakinskywalker1021

    man that was the first ligtsaber i ever saw. my dad had it.

  • shredderman4ever

    @iCedarPoint08 no mace windu is. its all sold out

  • iCedarPoint08

    there are five rare lightsabers, windu’s happens to be one of them. but anakin’s aotc is rarer cause it came out first. u can find a lot of windu lightsabers on ebay, anakin aotc u can’t.

  • cas05005

    Dude! I just got one today off eBay! Well worth it…I’ve wanted it since I saw it 8 years ago. Awesome review btw.

  • spasticator

    dude, your vid’s kick ass…i have 7 fx’s now, keep it up, thanks…and, eh’

  • jeremiah7020

    sabian please help me what can i get a anakin AOTC or ROTS please help!

  • donaldthescotishtwin

    i really want one

  • jeremiah7020

    hey sabian try reviewing the obi wan episode 1

  • SuperJaykay93

    Do those red and green LEDs light up?

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